Why social proof is so important in digital marketing

It sounds pretty harsh, but in today’s digital marketing world content is king. And one of the THE most important pieces of content you need to be supplying your audience with consistently is social proof. So why is social proof so important in your digital marketing?

What is social proof?

Look I’m not too much about the fancy so I’ll make it super simple. Social proof is simply put your best badass client reviews.

It’s proof, that you can do your job and that you do it well.

You can have ALL the qualifications in the world, but until you put the work into practice, and deliver results, then why is someone going to pick you OVER your competition?

What if I don’t have Social Proof?

Now I’m willing to bet that every single person I know in business has social proof that they can add to their digital marketing strategy. Even if you are a start-up and haven’t had a single client yet. How? Because you’ve worked before right? Even if you were volunteering. And with a lovely little platform called LinkedIn, you can ask previous colleagues for recommendations. It’s really simple to do! LinkedIn even makes it easy for you. And they give you a little drop down to choose from of how you worked together and you can send a recommendation request at the touch of a button. You can also add a little note. How about something like: (and feel free to copy!):

Hey X! How are you? I’m wondering if you can do me a little favour? You may have seen that I’ve just started working for myself and it would help hugely if you could drop me a little recommendation about the time we worked together?

(optional) If you wanted to mention (insert a time when you worked on a particular project or delivered tangible results) that would be great too!

Thank you for your help – and I’ll of course happily send you a recommendation in return!

All the best

It’s good to mention particular projects where you’ve delivered tangible results and it will give them some ideas of what to write as for a lot of people it’s a super hard thing to do.

How do I ask my current clients?

Do you know what, it’s quite simple this one. If you don’t ask you don’t get! People don’t not leave reviews because they don’t like what you did, they just have one hundred other things to do that are more important to them. So you may need to remind them and make it as easy as possible for them. Send them a direct link to where they need to leave the review. Don’t expect them to just know.

There are lots of places to review people now which are vital to add to your digital marketing strategy. Google reviews, trust pilot, Facebook reviews, linked in, podcast reviews. Which one do you want to concentrate on? Make sure they get that link when they’ve used your product. Follow up with automated emails. Maybe give them an incentive and have a competition for everyone that leaves a review. There are lots of ways to do it – think about the process that suits your business model. I have a small number of clients that use me every month.

So I have to be creative with my reviews and re-purpose different snippets.

You may sell products and so get a larger number of reviews every month you can share. How are you going to capture those and make it as EASY as possible for people. How are you going to make sure you don’t forget to share them?

Using your Social Proof in your Digital Marketing Strategy

Once you have your reviews you can use it everywhere. Copy it and put into graphics, share on your social media, your website, have them on a rolling header, in your email signature, on your product and service pages. Here are some additional good tips for you:

Headlines stand out – no one wants to, or has time to read an essay. Take one lightbulb highlight from that review and use it as a header for the whole review. Then the people that skim read will catch it.

Images – profile shots with the reviews do REALLY well. It makes the review more authentic and real. Let’s be honest, we could make all of these up couldn’t we? But having a name (and business if you can) with a headshot is the ultimate in social proof.

Blog Testimonials – I do these a lot for my clients. We all have those ideal clients. The ones who shout about us to the world, the ones that we just WISH everyone was like! The ones we have a really good relationship with. Ask them nicely if they would be happy to do a little blog interview. Super relaxed. Have a number of questions lined up such as why they decided to use you, what was life like for them before, what have you done for them, how has that changed things etc. What would they say to anyone that was having second thoughts etc. You can then turn that into the BEST BLOG EVER!

I absolutely love having these calls with my client’s customers! It’s so uplifting when people really want to shout about you.

When you have all of these things in place, you can start to see how you are going to stand out from your competition. People will want to work with you – and more importantly, YOU will be at the top of their list until the day they are ready to.

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