Why do I need a Blog?

People usually fall into one of two camps. 

They write blogs but don’t really know why they need them.  Or they write a blog now and again in the hope that it actually does something.

You might be the person that writes blogs regularly and is super clear on your content and you make full use of them! If that’s you, amazing! Go forth and carry on you don’t need to read this…

But if you still aren’t clear on what a blog is for, or why you need a blog, or how you can use it in your business, then read on! You might find this quite interesting.

So blogs are fairly new.  New if you consider that 1997 is quite recent as I do! 1997 was when the term ‘weblog’ was coined by an American called Jorn Barger which later was shortened to blog. 

So let’s start with why are blogs are so useful?


Firstly a blog is content.  And we are all driven by content right? Everything on social media is content.  We know we need to post to our social media accounts daily and we get SO stuck on what to write.

Ta dah! You now have an 800 word Blog sitting right there, with numerous snippets of content and thoughts you could expand on and share.  A blog could last you a whole week in social media posts quite easily.

And every time you quote from your blog, you direct people back to your website for the full article. 

Now you have got some website visitors too, and people staying on your website for more than a few seconds to read your blog.  Google starts to think you are a bit of a badass and pushes you that little bit further up the rankings.


Secondly, as mentioned above, to read a blog, people have to stay on your website for a bit yes?  So google thinks that’s pretty cool that people aren’t immediately clicking off.  There is a lot of SEO involved in a blog. I try not to think TOO much about it when I write them as I’m quite an organic type of writer.  But there is some value in going back over your blog once you’ve written it, and just making sure you have dropped in those all important key words or phrases that you know people are searching for.  As of course your blog is hopefully giving some sort of value to the reader or answering something they have searched for. More on that below.


There are lots of reasons why a blog is so useful, but another good reason for me is that it makes you SHINE above your competitors.  If I were to visit two competitors, and one had an outdated haphazard blog, and the other had a monthly regular blog, with information I could connect with, mixed with a bit of personality (remember your audience here and who you are speaking to – if they swear it’s fine for you to drop the occasional F bomb – if they don’t then DON’T!) then I would absolutely go for the latter. Wouldn’t you?

They have connected with me BEFORE I even met them.  Not only do they appear to be on the same level as me, but they have taken time to give me some free advice.


I think this falls into two areas:



Now depending on your business, and how you connect with your audience, will control how you speak and communicate in your blog. That’s something for you to have a good think about. It also depends on your personality too.  I think you get the vibe from my blogs that I’m an outgoing, happy, positive person with a sense of humour? I would say that’s what most people would describe me as.  If you aren’t sure, ask your friends, family and customers. Read your reviews. I’m a creative person and that is my speciality as a VA.  When people speak to me on the phone this translates as who I am.

If you are your brand (which I am) then convey your personality.  If your brand is more about your business, then make sure you still keep it conversational. So that when people do get through to you, it feels consistent, and not like someone else has been writing your blogs. 

I absolutely think that a mix of blogs that solve problems for your audience in a warm conversational way, together with a few more personal blogs about you and your business, are a great way for your audience to get to know you and connect with you.

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