When is the right time to get help in my business?

This is something that a lot of business owners struggle with and I TOTALLY get it. Even more so now that I’m actually inundated with work. It’s a great place to be! But at the same time I’ve realised, much like my clients have, that even I need to stop and go, right, is NOW the right time to get help?

So when is the right time to get help in your business?

You start working later…and later…and later…

You started off working during the day, and maybe the odd day at the weekend, but as you look around your desk and realise that your dirty dinner plate is sate beside you, your other half put the kids to bed, and you can’t believe it’s 11.30pm already – that’s a PRETTY good clue that now, is a good time to start outsourcing some work!

You’re paying the bills

Ideally you want to start outsourcing once you have some good regular money coming in that at least is covering your outgoings! Outsourcing needs to be budgeted for as an expense. Yes you may be investing money into your business and that may pay for the outsourcing – overheads vary from business to business. But if you are getting into debt and not making a profit – first you need to look at your business model and what isn’t working.  When you so start outsourcing work, most Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers will work on a month to month basis so you don’t get tied into a lengthy contract anyway. A month’s notice gives them the opportunity to open up their waiting list and to take on a new client, and it gives you peace of mind that you aren’t tied in.

You’re REALLY hating those tech jobs and loosing the plot with it all!

This is a big tell tale sign. When you first start your business EVERYTHING is exciting. Design, marketing, writing emails, writing content, downloading lots of sparkly tools and apps!

But now you don’t have the time for it. All that love has quite frankly gone…off the deep end! This my friend is your trigger to get someone else on board. I LOVE this stuff. I live and breath tech, automations, design and content.

So what next?

Sam Milburn Digital Marketing Online Business Manager

You need to decide what you want. A Virtual Assistant who you can give specific tasks to.  A bit like having a PA. They can do your scheduling, reply to emails, tidy up your inbox, post content to your website. You know what your tasks are, and you delegate them.

Or you can get a specialist Virtual Assistant if there is a PARTICULAR area of your business you a struggling with. Someone who specialises in creating graphics, or content or even marketing email automations. Someone that can create something from your vision. Typically these people would be more expensive as they have honed and paid for those skills meaning you to put less time and input into the work.

OR you can go for a Virtual Office Manager like myself, (aka Online Business Manager) Someone who has a broad range of experience in Office Management. Can confidently help you strategize, will usually have a specialism in a particular area, will oversee Virtual Assistants and/or other team members. They may even run an agency of VAs. They can look after the business while you are away. They have the ability to ‘speak’ your business and are very sharp and intuitive. You won’t know how you lived without one!

Which one do you think you need?

I only work with a handful of clients at any one time and often operate a waiting list. If you would like to work with me then just drop me a message to sam@sammilburncreative.com and lets chat!

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