What does a virtual office manager do?

Virtual Assistant is the general term that most people know. When I started about 2-3 years ago, even then Virtual Assistant was still a little known title.

With Covid and lockdown, more people have been exploring working for themselves and setting up from home.

When I became a virtual assistant

I always knew I wanted to be a virtual assistant as soon as I knew such a thing even existed. Before I started up I spent the years prior working for a start-up business, and a small charity, who were both going through rapid changes and needed processes and templates putting in place. This really played to my strengths of organising and finding any holes in processes. Prior to that I worked for many years at a local law firm, writing content, and organising events.

The qualities of a Virtual Assistant first and foremost require you to be a friendly chameleon. You work with more than one business, in often different industries. You need to be able to change hats very quickly, with very little downtime.

I have always enjoyed doing this and I love to see my clients grow. To help them to take on that next challenge, that next course, that next launch. Troubleshoot and be there as a teammate backing them at every step of the way.


The role of Virtual Assistant evolved to Virtual Office Manager in January 2021 when I realised I was much more than a virtual assistant. ‘Assistant’ didn’t sit right with me. I’d not been an assistant for a long time. I’d been an Office Manager and a Marketing Executive previously.  I had responsibilities. I wasn’t task driven, I helped shape what tasks needed to be done in my place of work. I implemented systems.

A Virtual Office Manager is someone that has the confidence to be more hands on in your business. I can confidently work in most areas of your business. I can pick apart your processes and offer valuable input and insights.

Digital Marketing

I also have a special interest in Digital Marketing and am studying towards certification in this area. Why? Because I am always evolving and adapting to what my clients need.

With all of the noise in the online world, my clients can get confused and often swayed into doing all the ‘online marketing’ things and not seeing progress. I want to give them a strategy, and a plan that they can follow that brings success and most importantly the money in! And that we can implement together. That’s the long term plan.

What will my name be then? Ask me later this year! But for now. I hope that’s given you some idea, of why I’m NOT a virtual assistant, and why I’m considered a Virtual Office Manager.

I still sign off the occasional email as a Virtual Assistant as that’s what people understand. But actually, a label isn’t really that important, it’s what you provide to people that is.

I have some useful downloads over on my resources page. Go and check it out and let me know what you think.