Visionary or Integrator – Which are you?

Sam Milburn Digital Marketing Online Business Manager

When I first heard about the concept of Integrators and Visionaries, I had the BIGGEST light bulb moment. And it makes a LOT of sense to me now, when I think about how it applies to me and my clients.

The terms were coined by someone called Gino Wickman who wrote the book ‘Traction’ where he introduced the idea of these two styles of leadership.

He says that in order for a business to be successful, you need both an Integrator AND a Visionary working together. They are like Yin and Yang. Opposite sides of a coin that work well and compliment each other. When you have both in a business, it’s like two pieces of a puzzle coming together. The business starts to noticeably grow and thrive.

So, what exactly are these roles and how do you know which one you are?


So a Visionary tends to be the ‘Entrepreneur’ of the business. They have the business idea, the vision and the dreams. They know what they want, and they excel in what they do. They are passionate and creative. They are the fuel behind the business and keep bringing that energy and ideas. People will look up to them and see them as an expert in their field. They are optimistic and never stop learning and researching.

Sounds pretty amazing right! This is what we ALL feel like when we first start our businesses.

The trouble is, that with all this creative energy there comes a few weaknesses and that is, (you guessed it!) where the Integrator would come in.

You see, a Visionary is SO creative and SO passionate, that they skip from one idea to the next. They get bored easily and so sometimes are unable to follow through on everything they set out to do. They may not be able to see (or be concerned with) the finer details and processes. This results in little or no growth and a lack of profit.  The Visionary can feel like they are paddling upstream, and not actually getting very far, which is SUPER frustrating when they are giving SO much! So why isn’t it working?


An Integrator has a slightly different mindset and plays a SUPPORTIVE role to the Visionary.

They act as a mind filter for the Visionary. Taking those ideas, goals and dreams, making sure that they are achievable, and implementing them into steps, process and actions. Instead of jumping straight onto the next idea they are the one that checks the metrics, reviews the results and looks for improvements.

They are known for their problem solving and adaptability to any given situation. They can self-manage as well as manage the day-to-day workings of the business. They are good with people and are able to manage other team members and freelancers involved with the business.


When an Integrator teams up with a Visionary, that’s when the magic happens! The Integrator is fully invested in the Visionary’s ideas and dreams, and can see a clear path of how to get there. The Integrator gets to know the business inside out, taking care of the day-to-day whilst allowing the Visionary to get on with what they do best -pursuing that dream!

The Integrator also knows what work needs outsourcing to other experts in their field such as Accounting, Content Writing, Website Development and Graphic Design. All things that the Visionary can struggle to let go of because they are so invested in the dream. The Integrator helps the Visionary with the process of letting go and puts in place the processes involved in working with all of those people.

How many of you have just gone ‘Oh my God, I am SO a Visionary!’ It’s scary right?

I don’t think it’s any surprise to know that my role as a Virtual Office Manager is that of an Integrator.

I’m your ‘wing woman’; the ‘get sh** done’ woman. I’m your soundboard and your confident. I delve into your business, I get excited by it and want you to reach your full potential! I geek out over tech, processes and planning. I get on amazingly well with people. I have bags of initiative and I fill ALL of those gaps that are stopping you from excelling. Gaps that you DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU HAD!

Yes it’s super scary handing over control to someone else when you have been doing everything yourself for so long. But when are you going to realise that actually, in not doing so you are holding your business back by not allowing yourself to work to your key strengths.

It is true that you get what you pay for and taking on a Virtual Business Manager is a big investment. But it’s not someone ‘working FOR you to get the admin done’ it’s a ‘teammate working WITH you to get the dream done’.


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