Typical day in the life of a Freelance Content Creator (that’s me) 

So what goes on in a typical day for me? 

I am super nosy. So If you are like me you will love this! If I see any of these types of blogs I’m instantly drawn in, especially if it’s another freelancer as who doesn’t want to see what other people are doing in their days? It really intrigues me. 

So I thought I’d share my typical day, ups and downs, challenges and wins. Ready? Let’s go… 

7.00am – Get up – I am NOT a morning person. Hubby is already up and nearly ready to leave for work. I get my son up for school. Let the dog out, do a quick bit of training to earn his breakfast. Cut up veggies for Guinea pigs, feed and check on them. Hubby leaves for work at 7.15am. Spend the next hour reminding my son (he’s on the spectrum so sometimes needs reminding a lot!) to get socks and shoes on, etc whilst getting myself showered and dressed. 

8.30am – Son has left for school so I take my dog for a walk. My dog is on anti-anxiety medication and in training so walks aren’t every day but consist of learning new skills to help him cope with the outside world. When not walking I can start work a bit earlier. 

9am – Back and wash breakfast dishes, quick tidy and pop a load of washing on, grab coffee. 

9.30am – Sit down at desk. The night before I will have sent reminder notifications to todays clients on any updated info I need. As a content writer I wear different hats on different days working in different industries, so I work on specific clients on specific days and block the times out in my dairy so that I can stay on track. I check through emails and business whatsapp for anything that came over last night. Delete junk, move anything not for today to ‘to do’ folder, update Asana with notes and tasks if needed. 

Go into Asana and review client tasks for today. 

Today I’ve got: 

  • 5 email lead magnet sequence to finish writing and send for approval 
  • web page copy to create 
  • some SEO research to do 
  • some tech wordpress admin to investigate 
  • a client call this afternoon to talk about their work this month 
  • after that I need to schedule a clients social media posts for the week. I’ve written the copy just waiting for some more images to come over before I create the graphics. 

11am – Urgent whatsapp from a client – shes just had notification from an affiliate that she can sell one of their new courses this week. Can we get some copy and some posts ready. Reply yes but not today can we do it tomorrow during her time slot and put back the other tasks we were going to do. Yep no problem – move some things around in my diary to add in some additional time for this. 

12pm – Stop for some lunch. Training with the dog, get him some raw food prepped up to freeze for later when he needs to relax. Chat to the guinnea pigs and have a cuddle. (because I’m obsessed with them and its my self care).

12.45pm – Back to work for an hour and then have 15 mins left to review my notes ready for client meeting. 

2pm – Call with client, goes over a bit but we get a lot actioned and get really clear on some work. We put lots of tasks in Asana ready for the rest of the month. Very excited! Back to work before son gets home. 

3.30pm – Son comes home – starving and can’t possibly concentrate or do anything until he’s eaten something more substantial than the slice of bread and butter I was offering. Which is apparently bad parenting and he wonders if he should call ChildLine. I spend some time checking his bag and going over anything he needs to have told me today and get ready for tomorrow. He announces that he has food tech tomorrow and none of the food he has on his list is in the cupboard. Urgent text to hubby to get them on the way home. 

4.30pm – Hubby comes home. I go back to work for a few hours while he gets tea ready, feeds the cats and looks after the rest of the zoo. 

6.30pm – Dinner (yum!) 

7.00pm – back at desk to spend 20 mins prepping for tomorrow’s clients and checking tasks in Asana. Lovely email replies from tasks completed today from happy clients which feels amazing. Reminds me that I really must share more of that on my Social Media. Talking of which, need to make sure I get my own social media written and prepped for my VA. I could get on top of that tonight actually. 

8pm – pull laptop out in front of the TV and spend 30 mins writing up some content related to my latest blog for my social media.  

8.30pm – Netflix and chill! 

10.30pm/11pm – I turn in around this time, sometimes I read a book or if I’m feeling naughty I do some online shopping for half an hour! 

This day changes all the time. I have no strict schedule. My son doesn’t always go into school that easily, my dog has not-such-great days when he’s felling particularly ‘barky’ so might need some extra attention and training. But… I work around it. If I need to get up early, I do. If I need to work late, I do. That’s the beauty about working for yourself. The important thing is to be organised and make sure that NOTHING is written on bits of paper, that it’s all in a system, and that clients are using the same processes. If not, quite frankly it would all go to shit!  

If you want some tools to help you organise your day you can download my Top 12 Tools to help you streamline your business using the exact things that I do to keep my days stress free no matter how busy I get. 

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