The number one way to get some control back

Sam Milburn Digital Marketing Online Business Manager

As I write this the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I’ve been starting to spring clean a little. I can’t help it! As the sun starts shining into the house on surfaces that haven’t seen daylight since last summer, suddenly I just need to get rid of winter! Like clean that sh*t away! I have an overwhelming feeling of getting some control back after the sleepy winter lockdown.

Okay so technically it’s not spring yet, But we don’t have to wait till spring to do this! And guess what, it’s all relatable to your business too.

Having spent months online, following people, consuming content, chatting in clubhouse etc. My inbox is full of newsletters from 100 different content writers/coaches/digital marketers etc.

So I need to spring clean the crap out of my business and with that comes a great sense of control not to mention clear up some of the brain fog.

Too much information, and information that makes you feel crappy, is NOT good for you! It makes me feel a bit dizzy.

So here is what you can do:

Unfollow on Social Media

Over the next few days, if you see a post from someone on Instagram that you don’t resonate with or don’t like, or that makes you feel a bit shitty then unfollow them. If you see businesses like yours that give you the green eyed monster and start to make you feel a bit inadequate, just unfollow them. They are in their lane doing their thing and you are in yours.

On the flip side if you see people you look up to and feel inspired by, and feel you get value from, then make sure you interact with them more, and the algorithms will make sure you see more of them in your feed and that’s EXACTLY what you want. Good positive vibes only!

Unfollow the Moaners

We all have those annoying friends on facebook who do nothing but moan right. They share every single bit of fake news going and think the world is make up of conspiracy theories. And it really can drag you down. Now I’m not saying defriend them and never speak to them again! But if like me you are a real empath, you can suck that emotion right up. So what you need to do is just unfollow them. That’s right. On facebook you can go to their profile and unfollow. They wont even know. But it means that their posts aren’t going to come up in your feed anymore.

Clear out the Inbox

I am not your typical inbox zero kind of VA as email management has never been my thing. But I LOVE having a good clear out of the old inbox. Set up folders, set up rules, get your newsletters going into a separate folder and set up folders for your clients, invoices etc. Have a ‘to do’ folder and maybe a ‘follow up’ folder. Think about how you work, and what would work for you as every inbox will look different.

When you’ve done that. Go through your newsletter folder and start to decide who you DO want to hear from and who you DON’T. Start unsubscribing. Be ruthless. You can only read so much stuff, so think about who is going to give you fresh relatable content, and who is just regurgitating the same stuff you hear every day.

I hope that’s inspired you to have a little spring clean in your business!

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