The difference between a Virtual Assistant and a Virtual Office Manager

As I’ve been moving into my new name change, I thought it would be a good time to write a blog on what the differences are between the roles of a Virtual Assistant and a Virtual Office Manager. Often the roles do overlap, especially when I first start working with a business – but the intention always is that as you grow, and your team grows, you can trust me to manage all the things. This means that you don’t need to get so involved in the nitty gritty of the business. No more micro managing for you – you are free to go and do whatever it is that lights you up!


A Virtual Assistant will complete tasks that you set. You would expect a good Virtual Assistant to have some initiative of course! They may watch out for errors and be more clued up than you in software. But they won’t generally be helping in a strategic way. As the business owner you will be in charge of the plan and know exactly what needs doing and when, and you will pass those tasks onto the Virtual Assistant to action.

When I first start with my clients, the first 3 months or more can be spent like this, while I get to understand their business inside and out, their processes, their objectives and their aims for the year.

After this time the relationship has naturally developed into one of trust, I understand exactly how my client works and can pinpoint areas for streamlining. This can be a natural progression, or we can have a strategic meeting to go over it all. It really does vary from client to client.

Sam Milburn Digital Marketing Online Business Manager

For example I have monthly meetings with all of my clients. They tell me any new plans they have for that month, anything they want to launch, or products that maybe they need to push. I come up with a plan of action. We work on it together. I’ll review their content and write it for them. I’ll create a timeline of things that need to be actioned that give my client a clear idea of when THEY need to carry out a task by etc. I’ll measure what’s working and what isn’t.

If anything is too far out of my zones of genius then I will research and look for an expert for us to bring on board ad bring them up to speed with what needs to be achieved.

In short a Virtual Assistant is reactive to your needs. A Virtual Office Manager is proactive to your needs.

Time Off

Because a Virtual Office Manager is so much more immersed in your business than a Virtual Assistant would be, they can look after things while you are away. If you want to take a day or week off – you can! I will be the one to think about every little thing that may need covering while you are off. I will help come up with innovative ideas to keep on providing a service to your clients if they need it. I will be there to make sure everyone and everything is looked after. If you have other members of the team, I will be the main point of contact while you are away and deal with any issues or problems that they have.

Quality not Quantity

The beauty of being a Virtual Assistant is that you can have many clients. As the job is task driven your job is to get the work out and get it done. But a Virtual Office Manager only looks after a handful of clients at any one time due to the very nature of being so involved in the business. So you can always be sure that your business is a priority to me.

Handling Associates/Virtual Assistants/Team Members

Because of my previous experience in the bricks and mortar world, I understand managing people. A lot of virtual assistants take on Associates but don’t actually know how to manage that relationship properly as it’s not something they have ever experienced before. Which can result in work not being done to the same high standards. They often don’t know how to set expectations from the start. You can be confident that a Virtual Office Manager can manage those relationships both with Associates, Virtual Assistants and anyone else that you might bring onto the team and will be able to deal with any problems on your behalf if they do arise. It’s another level of taking the burden off of you so that you can concentrate on what’s important to you.


My hourly rate is slightly higher than that of a Virtual Assistant. Download my pricing plan here. And for anyone that wants a full strategic overhaul of their business I work on packaging prices specific to their needs.

But both of these options mean that I’m not out of reach to even the earliest of start ups. I start at 10 hours a month (to really truly make a difference in your business) but as I can only work with a few people at a time, spaces are very limited so it’s best to get in touch for a coffee over zoom to see where you are at right now. Even if we don’t end up working together you will have at the very least got some nuggets of wisdom from me and made a new virtual friend (you will love me I promise! 🤣)