Social Responsibility

As a business owner we all know we have a responsibility to give back where we can. And what better way to make an impact in a way that resonates with you and your clients.

I have two initiatives that I run every single month:

1. Wiping out my Client’s Carbon Emissions

Every month, I contribute through to wipe out my block book client’s carbon emissions. Through planting at least 12 tree worldwide per person and putting money towards projects that can actually measure the positive effect that they have on the environment.

I am very aware of the impact we are having on this earth. Fast fashion is also very close to my heart – I spent a whole year buying ONLY second hand, or just not at all, when I realised the devastating effects we are having on oceans, lakes and rivers with the serious amount of water that goes into cotton production.

If we can all do our bit, then small changes will make a big change! I also pay to have a new tree planted locally every month where ecologi see the need in local projects. If you want to check out my virtual forest and see where the trees are planted just click here.

2. Helping the wider Community

Every month I offer an hour of my time, virtually, for charity. It can be any charity and the work can be as technical or as admin related as needed! So whether you want a quick website up and running, or you need an hour’s worth of data input it really doesn’t matter. All you have to do is nominate your charity by sending me a message. I will draw one charity at the end of the month. You can enter every month too, there really is no limit on the amount of times you enter. If you are interested then click here to send me a message