From how to work your business around you period cycle, to manifesting your deep desires from the Universe! Yep it’s all there! Plus a few of my favourite fiction books thrown in too. This amazing bookshop supports small local stores so is a great alternative to places like amazon, PLUS they offset carbon emissions from every delivery . Just click below to take a look.


Not only can you get unique gorgeous graphics for your website and content creation with Haute, but there are monthly masterclasses, social media planners, templates and more to help with all your image needs. Love love love it! Sign up with my Affiliate link below.


This workbook is going to help you to identify those dream clients that you want to work with. It will clear up WHAT and HOW you are going to write your content to attract them, as well as a sh*t load of other useful information and advice to give you the best start possible. 

No more doing work that doesn’t light you up!

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These amazing cards help me every single day! Made by a fellow kickass female business owner Nonie White who founded AMotherBrand – an online community for mums that want, and CAN have it all. These 52 cards give me something to focus on every day and really do set me up. There is something quite fun about giving them a little shuffle in the morning and wondering what message the universe has for you! It’s a great addition to share on your social media too.