Sales Page Hacks You Need to Know!

Sam Milburn Digital Marketing Online Business Manager

Writing sales pages is a bit like marmite! Some people LOVE writing sale pages and others can sit and stare at a blank screen for hours not really knowing what to say or how to sell their product/membership/service.

Sales pages are something that most of my clients need and through my own research and experience I’ve collated my fave top tips to help you write a sales page with some great little sale page hacks.

As a rule of thumb, the industry standard conversion rate is about 1-2%. So if you have 1000 visitors to your sales page, you would anticipate that between 10-20 people would push through and buy. So how can we make sure we are hitting that industry standard, and even push through and up that percentage?


Make your course content copy clear and enticing!

Confused minds don’t buy right? Ever heard of that saying?

So you want to make it super clear what you are providing.

Before you start writing strip it back to the basics and ask yourself two fundamental questions. What will your customers learn? And once they’ve learned it, what will they be able to achieve? What will be the before, and the after. Focus on tangible examples.

When laying out your modules, think of titles that will really resonate with your audience, will light them up and sound like a mini course in their own right. For example:

“‘Module 2 – Copywriting Foundations” for a copy writing course could be changed to:

“Copywriting Fundamentals to Blow your Audience Away” or

“Copywriting Fundamentals that Convert!”


Keeping on with the tangible outcome theme you need to get some Testimonials in there. One problem however can be that a lot of people who ‘skim’ sales pages don’t tend to read or notice them. So to catch their attention, think about how you lay out your testimonials. Bold font, italics, and headers for the stand out pieces. Put the KEY tangible changes in a headline, so they don’t even need to read the whole testimonial. If there is a visual element to the testimonial you could add a visual before and after too.

Breaking up the page

No one is going to read a page of text ALL in the same font, format and colour. You NEED to break the page up with headers. There are a lot of skimmers out there. So you need to be able to make those headlines tell the story, with the copy being a helpful insight into the headlines.

Little hack for you here. Have a headline in the page at about the rough place that someone would do a page scroll to. So one headline at each scroll. That’s how you know how many you need. Headlines can be broken up with block of colour and imagery too.  And for those skimmers that like to get right to the bottom – why not have a note at the end that says ‘And for those of you that like to scroll to the end to see what this is all about  – here’s a quick recap!’

Call to Action

Don’t skimp on your call to action. Make sure people can find it! Some people totally miss this one and have just one call to action right at the end. Make sure you provide those buttons consistently throughout the sale page with attention grabbing titles like ‘I need this right now!’ ‘Yes this is me!’ ‘Sign me up to that bad boy!’ Make it relevant to how you communicate to your audience.


So there are a few little hacks I’ve found on pricing. Firstly is the upselling of a VIP version of the course or product. There will always be those people that have the funds or want that bit extra from you. So why not offer a VIP version where people can get say additional coaching hours or additional content from you. You can also put the two products side by side in a table (think tables when comparing laptops and phone contacts!) Another interesting visual to catch people’s attention as well as giving them the option to buy up if they want to.

A lot of people will want to know why they should buy this from you over someone else they’ve seen online. Services in the online world is booming and people are offering very similar services and packages. So you HAVE to stand out from the crowd. You can either compare yourself in terms of price, or compare yourself in terms of skills and results. Make sure you get this in your sales page.

Something I found super interesting recently was when someone suggested that when offering a course buy in full price, but then offering a slightly more expensive 12 month instalment price, you should always offer the 12 month price first. If you don’t, then it can feel punishing to be on the instalment plan.

A better way is to reframe it so that the 12 month instalment plan is actually the ‘norm’ price, but that you offer discount for anyone that pays in full. Just a tiny Psychology lesson for you there!

So I’m sure there are tons of sale page tips out there, but these are by far my favourites.

Did you get any lightbulb moments in there? Anything you are going to take on board? Let me know in the comments below!

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