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Sam Milburn Digital Marketing Online Business Manager

My brain works SO much more quickly than my body can keep up. Do you get that? I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve always been like that, or whether it’s the insanely fast paced world of Digital Marketing that I’m in.

I am so incredibly process driven that it’s all I have lived and breathed since my first ever admin job. In fact, my early appraisals always commented on how I was the ‘go to’ person to put processes in place.

Setting up Processes from an Early Age

I remember putting together the time matrixes for the time recording system at my workplace. The software developer didn’t have a ‘specific’ manual, and of course our time recording was extremely complicated, so after I had ‘figured it all out, without being asked, I just went ahead and created a step-by-step manual.  The following year when the rates changed, someone else would be able to easily pick it up.

I mean this was my first office job! I was already obsessed with streamlining and seeing the bigger picture – anticipating what was going to happen next. Everything I picked up, I was already thinking ‘how can we make this quicker next time? How can we make sure we make full use of this to capture important information that we need?

Digital Marketing

In today’s world of tools and apps I’m in actual heaven! It’s so easy to get ‘shiny tech’ syndrome. Which basically means you buy ALL the things. Which can ultimately be a super waste of time if you don’t really have a plan in place and just buy everything left right and centre because ‘everyone else is doing all the things’

I’m currently studying a Level 6 (Degree Level) Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing and let me tell you, the tools I’m looking at in there are giving me a whole new level of ‘geek’ to geek out over! It’s the perfect fit for me. It’s a fairly recent diploma run by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Sam Milburn Digital Marketing Online Business Manager

The trouble is now, with so much ‘advice’ flying around, and the endless ‘courses’ you can do, you can easily get overwhelmed, not to mention get well-meaning advice that is just so SO wrong! And likely to take you on a merry dance with no results.

We NEED to have a strategic clear path. I want to be able to not only do this for me, but it’s a service that my clients really need. And what better way to get advice then from a certified expert right? We all need to follow carefully thought out processes and this diploma is going to take everything to that next level. Top 1% of marketers here I come!

Tech you can use now

If you need something like YESTERDAY and want to have a little DIY review of your processes and tech, then you can download my guide to all of the apps that I use on a regular basis.

All you have to do is click the link below to get it. Oh and it’s free!

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