How to Streamline to save time and money

I totally get it! The thought of setting up yet another account somewhere to try and streamline something in your business, then exploring the tech, getting overwhelmed and possibly giving up, it just fills you with dread.

The thought of new tech doesn’t fill me with dread (if you haven’t guessed already I bloody love it!) but for me, the thought if it not doing what I want, does! (was probably a software developer in a previous life)

The thing is streamlining in an online business is SO necessary it shouldn’t even be a compromise. If you are STILL sending emails back and forth to make appointments, or are STILL entering your finances into an excel sheet, or STILL haven’t got an email list then you need to read on (and you have to download my 12 tools to streamline your business guide here)

These for me are the basic necessities of where you must streamline as an online business.

According to, highly automated companies are 6X more likely to see revenue growth of 15%+ and organisations are losing 140 billion dollars each year in wasted time and resources and duplication of effort not to mention missed opportunities. So we’ve all gotta get into this streamlined mindset. It can also make you look really slick too.

So what can you do about it? Here is what I think are the key things that you need in your business to streamline and save you time and money. (some of the links below are affiliate links, I don’t get much! But I only recommend what I personally use and love)

CRM System

A good CRM system is a number one priority if you have a team, a number of clients, or need to track sales processes. It’s really a non-negotiable if you find you and your team are sending countless emails back and forth and struggle to keep on top of where people are at in the sale process.

What your CRM system will look like will be different for each and every business. Naturally in ecommerce businesses your CRM system tends to be contained within your online shop. But what if you are a service based businesses? You need a CRM system to keep track of where your audience are in your processes. It can integrate into your email marketing.

Some good free and paid for ones are:



Zoho CRM

Email Marketing

It’s a given. Don’t put all of your eggs I one basket right?! Don’t rely on one social media platform for your marketing. Even your advertising online needs to get people into your email list so that you don’t have to continue to PAY to advertise to them.

You can tailor content to different audiences, retarget people, test subject lines and content, there is SO much you can do with email marketing.

I use Mailerlite. It’s free and unlike some other providers which only allow one step automations, these come as standard with Mailerlite so you can set up longer email sequences. Sounds complicated but it’s really not! The design tools are super easy to use and you can create some really lovely looking emails.

Stock Imagery

I have another post here with some great websites you can use for stock imagery. My advice is to figure out what look you are going for, and then download a stack of images ready to use at any point. It will save you logging in 100 times and looking for the perfect image if you already have a batch of them that you love.

There are many free websites listed in the post above, but my favourite (and I pay for this membership) is Haute Stock. It’s exactly the right imagery for me. There are lots of colour combinations to choose from. And they release lots of monthly tools like social media prompts, and they run love workshops on content creation tips, they also release new images every month and have started to add videos to their library. Really REALLY is worth the money I save SO much time.

Project Management (AKA Getting Sh*t done)

Looking at your desk now how many pieces of paper have got scribbles all over? Notes to do, notes from phone calls? You need an online to do list. And if there is more than one person in your team, you DEFINITELY need an online to do list! As this is all project management software is. Get away from the scary thought of something new to get your head around, they are just boards, with lists, that you can add dates and checklists to. You can also add the people responsible for the tasks too.

I’ve got lots more tools that myself and my clients use over on this download including what I think is the NO.1 app to use to schedule appointments. It all links up and creates zoom appointments for you too – it’s AMAZING!

Head over here to download it now…