How to be a Magnet to your ideal client

Sam Milburn Digital Marketing Online Business Manager

Once I knew how to attract my ideal client, and actually actioned that, my ideal client started knocking at my door to work with me. In the meantime, I also had to have the guts to say no to work, to keep room and space for those that I wanted to work with.

In my experience there are a few things you can start to tweak.

Get clear on your services

When I started as a VA I would do ALL the things. Despite having a marketing and office management background, I would take on data input and admin. There was no job too big or too small! Anything that could bring me some money in. Now there is some benefit to adding this kind of scope to your business in the early days. One, you might need the cash. And two, it really helps you to understand what you do and don’t like.

But ideally you want to niche down into doing what lights you up. If that’s data input then high five! (and please message me asap!) but make sure that what you are doing you enjoy. That’s what you went into this freelance life for right? You DON’T have to offer all of the things in your industry and it may actually be damaging your progress if you do.

A few of my clients are going through this process right now interestingly, and realising that they can actually make MORE money, and have MORE time to concentrate on their strategy, by offloading those services that don’t light them up anymore. That time can now be filled with other projects that are going to take their business to the next level.

When you do this however, it’s important to make sure that your messaging makes this clear. Ensure that you aren’t still offering that service on your website and social media pages. Tailor your content to talk to your NEW audience. Maybe that’s people who have more disposable income, maybe that’s people who are a little further down the path and are ready for a higher level of support from you.  You might even need to re-visit your branding.

Which leads nicely onto:

Get clear on your client avatar

How many webinars/workbooks/training courses have you been on now that tell you to do this? I know right! We get told to do this over and over again. But have you ACTUALLY done it yet?

If you haven’t – then I have just the thing for you. An awesome workbook that works through your client avatar, messaging and advertising, to get it tailored to you. It really does help! As then every time you write content, you can actually visualise your ideal client reading it. you can check it out here: MESSAGING WORKBOOK

You may have different avatars for different services. Or avatars in different stages of their journey. When you write content, try and aim it at ONE of them. Confused minds don’t buy – so if somethings not working, and if you haven’t done this yet, then put your big girl pants on and sort it out!

Be yourself!

Another mistake I made when I started out was being TOO corporate. I was from a corporate background, but I wasn’t looking for corporate businesses. And I certainly didn’t want to do jobs such as bookkeeping and diary management. They just weren’t my bag. But all of my messaging and imagery screamed dairy management and admin VA! So I wasn’t getting the jobs I wanted.

As soon as I started to be myself, show up more personally on social media, and ensure my content reflected the services I was selling, everything started to flow more easily and the work started to come in easier.

What was the point in me writing blogs about how people can add filters to their emails, when email management wasn’t a service that I wanted to provide?

If your content is over the top professional and corporate, but you are someone that is very bubbly and occasionally drops a swear now and again, then how is that going to look when people speak to you in person? Showing up and being your authentic self, will magnetise your tribe.

I hope that’s given you some food for thought. Yes it takes time but if you wanna get sh*t done you have GOT to put the time and effort in. And if you don’t have the time? Have you got the money? As that’s where I can come in.

If you want to download some of my other advice and tips then check out my resources page – or if you are thinking of working with me, I have a great guide here of how it all works and how much it costs.

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