Content marketing – when you talk to everyone, you talk to no one

Ever heard that phrase? If you are in business and have done any sort of training, you will have heard the terms ‘Client Avatar’ and ‘Client Persona’ thrown around a lot.

You probably know what they are, but have you ever sat down and actually put pen to paper? I hear you, you know who your ideal client is right? So why do you need to do it? I’ll tell you why. It’s like any brainstorming session, once you start writing, and thinking, your brain will start whirring with some lightbulbs you hadn’t considered.

So if you want to create a client avatar to help boost you content marketing plan then here are some of my key tips.

Create a profile

Are your target audience male or female? Are they parents, single, dog owners – what age are they. Start to get into the nitty gritty of WHO they are. Try and list as much as possible. Remember this is just a ‘general’ view. If you deal with individuals AND businesses, then you need to create two. And remember when dealing with a business, are you dealing with the top decision maker? Or are you dealing with the procurement team who need the final okay from up top? Keep that in mind.

Behaviour Profile

Next you want to look at their behaviour. A lot of the time people guess at this but you can get an idea from your current audience. Look at their profiles on Facebook and Instagram and Linked In. What are their interests, who do they follow? What pages do they like? Once you’ve got a rough idea then you can start to show up in those places, and also drop those things into your content. If your audience are mainly dog owners, then make sure they know you have a dog! It’s all about connection.

How does you Avatar talk?

What books do they read? What frameworks and ideas are they aware of? What language do they use? If you need to skill up and research then do it as it’s going to be a key thing that they will connect with you on. If your clients swear, then it’s okay for you to swear. This can sometimes be a tricky one. You need to be yourself, but you also need to be aware of what might be offputting to your audience. If they care deeply about Environmental issues, yet you couldn’t give a toss, then there is a disconnect there. You don’t need to be an expert in all things, but you do need to have an awareness.

What are they looking for?

What do they need to know? What is going to make life easier for them? If buying products from you, why will they spend that money with you? If you sell relaxing candles, are they looking for gifts, or are they going to treat themselves to a candle lit bath every Friday night, because life is busy, and we all need to make some time for our mental health and wellness. These things are important to them. We often look at this as pain points in the service industry and what answers our clients need, but with products you just have to look at it with a different slant. You are still fixing a problem just in a different way. So you could focus on the wellbeing aspect and how your products contribute to that.

This will form your content and messaging.

Time to make a change

If you want to get a really detailed deep dive into all of this in an easy to complete workbook then I’ve created just the thing (funny that hey?!) It’s call my Messaging Workbook. It doesn’t cost much, just £7 but the thing is, psychologically, if you buy something, you are going to be much more likely to value it and use it. And I don’t want you to just download it as yet another tool that collects dust. I want you to complete it and think really hard about the tweaks you can make to improve your messaging. Let me know how you get on! Click HERE to buy it now.