BLACK FRIDAY OFFER (Ends Monday 30th November)

Ultimate Marketing Email Set Up Package

An email list is VITAL to your business.  Why? Because your email list is either made up of clients, or people who have warmed up to the idea of buying from you.  So you don’t need to spend money advertising for new clients, your potential clients are already there!

Thereafter it’s up to you to nurture that audience by showing up, providing content and most of all value! 

Often the missing piece is the welcome sequence!

Do you have one?

Virtual Assistant Peterborough 

SO many people squander this excellent opportunity to show up to their audience and this is where this package is going to help you to provide those first important steps to nurturing them.


In this package we will have a chat about your business and products or services and make sure we use the welcome sequence to promote your business giving you more opportunities to show up and take advantage of this FREE advertising.

So what exactly will we be looking at?

 1. ‘Subscribe to my mailing list’ landing page
Why should they subscribe to your list? Will they get junk or advice and tips? Do you have a freebie you can send? Will they get a discount code? It’s not necessary – but it helps. Whatever it is lets make it clear that it’s not just going to be more spam.

2. ‘Thank you for subscribing’ landing page
This is where they go after they enter their email address. People often waste this page. Let’s direct them somewhere else! A banging product? A Facebook group? Don’t waste the opportunity.

3, Thank you email
Here we can showcase a bit about you, or a product or service, give them their freebie download or discount code, or even share a blog.

All these opportunities to connect with your audience! Don’t waste them!

I will also import your current contacts.  (Lists need to be in excel and data in columns ready to export.)

So to recap this package includes: 

◼ Telephone call to discuss your business and how we are going to best market you and your products in the welcome sequence. (worth £25)

◼ Set up mailchimp with all the correct settings and information (worth £20)

◼ Create a subscriber landing page to collect emails, set up in your branding (you provide). I create all of the copy and imagery. (worth £45)

◼ ‘Thank you for Subscribing” landing page to include your branding (you provide). I create copy and imagery.  (worth £45)

◼ “Welcome to mailing list” automated email which will be sent whenever a new subscriber is tagged through your subscriber landing page. I will create copy and imagery. (worth £50)

◼ Contacts export. (worth £15)

(Please note contact export must be in excel and ready to export – or additional fee quoted for cleaning and organising)



I don’t very often do packages because the time involved can vary SO much and I always inevetibly end up going over in my time! Hence why I usually work on an hourly rate.

BUT! This is my Black Friday offer to you and so wont be available again – at least not at this price!

Are you ready to take your email marketing seriously and take it to the next level?

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