Are you missing these content opportunities?

Sam Milburn Digital Marketing Online Business Manager

Working with small businesses, I often see a common theme – not using all that available space they have to get their messaging across. There are lot of missed opportunities where content is concerned. Now that isn’t because they don’t want to share their content, it’s because they either don’t have time, or they are just totally unaware!

One of the places that people miss out on is the email sign up sequence.

It’s usually one of the first places I start with new clients.

So what do I mean by email sign up sequence?

So when someone signs up to your mailing list, instead of doing this manually yourself, you are going to want to move over to doing it online using an email marketing tool. There are lots out there. The two most popular free ones are Mailchimp and Mailerlite.

Once you have created an account you need to set up these three important things:

1. Subscribe to email list landing page

This is the page that people will go to when they want to subscribe to your mailing list. A very cheery, ‘Hey how ya doing’, a quick explanation of what emails they can expect to get from you, a little promise of zero spam and not passing their details on. Once they enter their details, they are usually sent to an automatically generated ‘thank you for signing up’ page. NOT what you want.

What a missed opportunity! This person is signing up to your mailing list – they are interested in you. Lets tell them more!

So you need to create your second page:

2. Thank you page

On this page you are going to thank them for signing up to your mailing list. Tell them they are awesome and that they rock. Then you are going to direct them somewhere else. So think about what you are offering right now and what is the priority. (and don’t forget you can change this page as your priorities and services change) Where can you direct them?

Your facebook page?

A facebook group that you are building?

Your latest campaign?

Your latest product or services? Try something small and affordable – don’t go all in and sell them a course at a 2K price point at this stage! They are just warming up to you.

Some freebie information in one of your blogs?

Your website?

Your next event?

Choose ONE thing. This is very important. We don’t want them to have any choice here, we want to steer them towards that end goal of where we want them to go next.

Don’t forget to tell them that a welcome email is winging it’s way to them with some awesome content..which leads me onto…

3. The Welcome Email

AGAIN your email marketing service will probably automate a standard email response to them signing up so we need to utilise this opportunity.

How can we get them to make sure they look in their inbox? If you go into their spam folder, then you aren’t likely to hit their inbox ever again and the sign up was all for nothing. Can we give them a promise of a free download? Can you send one of your free lead magnets (don’t know what this is? Don’t worry I explain more in my blog next week!)

In the welcome email, tell them a bit about you and what services you offer, don’t go hard sell and keep it short, sweet and light-hearted. Think about the marketing emails you get in your inbox that you take the time to read. Save them for inspiration. Re-iterate that offering you gave them on the thank you page. Direct them to your facebook group, facebook page, latest campaign, an affordable product, or your next event. Whatever it is you are concentrating your efforts on right now. Remember the ‘one thing’ rule.

So I hope that’s given you some ideas there of some missed opportunities.

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