Online business owners face many digital marketing challenges.

Working with a Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager or Virtual Office Manager are all solutions to those challenges. But which solution does YOUR business need? Maybe you aren’t quite sure.

So what’s the difference between a Virtual Assistant and me?

A Virtual Assistant is someone who will carry out the tasks you need doing and don’t have the time for – but as a Virtual Office Manager I bring my years of Office Management and Executive Marketing experience to the table – a trusted teammate that you can soundboard and work with.

Let me tell you what I think you need:

how can I help you?


I can help you with digital marketing campaigns, social media marketing, search engine marketing and content marketing. Let’s make sure you are using your mailing list, website and social media channels to their full advantage and ensure that you are showing up consistently to generate leads and build your audience.


Content is an integral part of your business marketing. I can take away the pain of thinking, writing and sharing content by re-purposing and using it effectively. Together we will make sure that your website and channels are all working together to communicate with your target audience with juicy and engaging content.


Planning, strategy and processes. (also known as ‘get sh*t done!’) Let’s nail those steps together to move you towards your goals and find more ways to streamline your business so that you can concentrate on the vision.

Have you looked at your processes recently? One of the key things I see that business owners are missing out on is saving time by streamlining and utilising online tools.

There is so much automation that you may be missing out on that can save you time, money and increase your visibility!

My 12 Tools to Streamline your business shares the apps and software that I wouldn’t be able to live without. My clients have seen AMAZING results from using just one or two of these applications. Download my quick and easy to read free guide below and start making critical changes today!


My name is Sam and I used to work as an Office Manager and Marketing Executive in the bricks and mortar world. I decided to work for myself a few years ago as a Virtual Assistant as I could see the huge opportunities out there for online businesses. My clients are female entrepreneurs who run kick ass businesses with purpose. I transitioned to a Virtual Office Manager in 2021, which is a fairly new concept in the UK – think Virtual Assistant but with strategy, digital marketing, content marketing and business planning all thrown in!

I immerse myself in your business as if it was my own and together, we make magic happen. We set goals, do the work and I make sh*t happen!

ways you can work with me

Download a copy of my pricing guide for full details of how we can work together and how much it all costs.

Ready for a chat? Just click above to arrange a discovery call with me. Let’s talk to see where you are right now, how I can help, and if a Virtual Office Manager is right for you instead of a Virtual Assistant.

Not ready to chat yet and wanna have more of a nose around? Check out my free and paid for resources to help you in your business.


I could tell you all day how amazing Sam is

I could tell you all day how amazing Sam is – super fast, responsive and reliable. Sam takes time to listen to my language, to capture my essence and uses her creative and marketing wizardry to bring it to life

Diana Nash – Spiritual and Woman’s Empowerment Coach

I can always rely on her to use her initiative to do what needs to be done

Sam is so patient with me when I’m so busy and I can always rely on her to use her initiative to do what needs to be done. She is so creative which I love and very time efficient. I’d be lost without her!

Lisa Canham-Inglis – The LK Barn

“Sam has streamlined our processes”

I cannot express in words just how much of a difference it has made to me and my business in Sam becoming a part of the team! Sam’s ideas are amazing and she is never afraid of sharing new creative ideas with me. Sam has streamlined our processes and I literally feel empowered to have her on board.

Nikki Thurston – On The Ball Dog Care and Training